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Christmas Saturn - by GiyganMage

Christmas Saturn

I don't think this pic needs a description. It's just a Mr. Saturn with mistletoe(?) instead of a bow.

Other Submissions by GiyganMage

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GiyganMage Animesque Ness
Here's an anime-like Ness I drew with Xera Xtream. This is what he'll look like in my up-coming EarthBound Doujinshi.
10/15/06 0.00
GiyganMage Ness Ready To SMAAASH!! Some Heads
Here's a sketch I made of Ness ready for battle.
11/11/06 8.00
GiyganMage Jeff
Here's my rendition of Jeff. Though the picture is a little more faded that I had hoped... Stupid rediculously bright scanner...
11/11/06 0.00
GiyganMage Paula
Here's a sketch I did of Paula. I think this is my cutest rendition of her, too :D
11/11/06 0.00
GiyganMage Day at the Beach
Here's a picture I drew of Ness and Paula on the beach at Summers with Jeff and Poo in the background. Looks like Ness is having fun ;D
11/26/06 9.00


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