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Christmas Saturn - by GiyganMage

Christmas Saturn

I don't think this pic needs a description. It's just a Mr. Saturn with mistletoe(?) instead of a bow.

Other Submissions by GiyganMage

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GiyganMage A Phasmal Foe
A phasmal foe emerges from the darkness... And it so happense to be a Ghost of Starman.
11/1/08 0.00
GiyganMage A Picture of Paula
My first-ever Photoshop drawing. I think it turned out OK. I was gonna add a background but the background layer wouldn't let me put things behind the overall image, so I just left it with a plain white bacground.
2/4/07 7.00
GiyganMage A Truely Titanic Ant
Here's a little something I whipped up in my favorite little art program ever; Photoshop! I sketched it and used a chalk and charcoal filter to give it a fittingly dark feel. It didn't take me long at all to make it, really.
3/7/07 9.00
GiyganMage Animesque Ness
Here's an anime-like Ness I drew with Xera Xtream. This is what he'll look like in my up-coming EarthBound Doujinshi.
10/15/06 0.00
GiyganMage Big Hair'd Kumatora
Her hair... It's... Huge!
12/7/07 0.00


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