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Christmas Saturn - by GiyganMage

Christmas Saturn

I don't think this pic needs a description. It's just a Mr. Saturn with mistletoe(?) instead of a bow.

Other Submissions by GiyganMage

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GiyganMage Paula ready to fight
Paula in that weird style
3/27/08 0.00
GiyganMage Paula the Beautiful (maybe)
Here's a picture I made of Paula with my brand-new color pencils I got for Christmas! I think she looks OK, though I do regret the shading of the hair.
12/25/06 8.00
GiyganMage Poo
Just Poo, plain and simple. It was a tad rushed, so it isn't one of my bests for sure.
4/9/07 8.00
GiyganMage Pseudo Zombie Assult!
Don't ya just hate it when you're taking a peaceful stroll in a haunted graveyard in the dead of night and all of a sudden a rotten corpse randomly attacks you for no reason?
10/13/07 10.00
GiyganMage Queen of Magicant
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 9 Apr 2007

Queen Mary done in Photoshop. This is, by far, the most detailed, most elaborated image I've ever produced, ever. I think it turned out fair enough, so enjoy... If you want to.
3/30/07 9.00


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