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An Earthbound-Shaped Cake - by Blades0fEB

An Earthbound-Shaped Cake

A cake fashioned to look like a Haunted Threed. The cake was eaten, it was both delicious and moist because this cake is NOT a lie. (It's also wifi compatible)

Other Submissions by Blades0fEB

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Blades0fEB Poo Using Mirror on Giygas
You cannot grasp the true form of Poo's attack! This is a fan art that I made depicting Poo using his mirror attack on Giygas. I wish that this actually worked in the game because it could be used as an alternative ending. Poo would tear him up!
12/18/06 8.00
Blades0fEB Mu Training
Poo taking care of some serious Mu training.
12/18/06 0.00
Blades0fEB Woes of an English speaking Earthbound fan
As the title says, these are my feelings towards the current mother 3 situation. Some people have already told me that the Japanese in the picture means "Gameboy Advance". This would make sense as I got it from the Mother 3 box. To me and anyone else that doesn't speak japanese, it should look like gibberish just like trying to play Mother 3 in Japanese due to the fact that there is no English version. Thus I title it "Woes of an Enlish speaking Earthbound fan".
12/21/06 0.00
Blades0fEB Today's EB Fan
My funfest entry should my monstrouly huge entry not reach completion. It depicts an Earthbound fan holding an EB No Matsuri Winter Funfest entry.
12/31/06 9.00
Blades0fEB EB World
This is my big entry for the Funfest. It has taken me from the DAY the Winter Funfest was announced to now. It is a map of the Earthbound world, at least the connected parts excluding Saturn Valley and including Dalaam... and Poo!!! I took a close up of Poo as he embodies the spirit of the Funfest with his awesome santa cap!!! AWESOME!!! The Palace was also made with the little amount of multicolor clay that I had. It is made entirely of dollar store Clay-doh and paper and cardboard. The cardboard was only used as a base. All of the buildings as well as all of the trees were construced out of paper and completely hand drawn. The landmarks consisted of Onett, Twoson, Threed, Dusty Dunes Desert, Fourside, and Dalaam! The original plan was to make everything identical in style and completion to Onett. After completing Onett and Dalaam, I realized that there was a deadline so I set myself on the task of completing all of the land and ocean. The ocean proved a lot harder to make than I thought to build/lay out. It took more than a week to lay it out and create all of the ripples with my left thumb. I did also made a Ness with a baseball bat as a present, but i forgot to put it in the picture. Oh well. I even started a new game of Earthbound in Christmassy strawberry flavored text and PSI Gifts! The tent boss in Threed is also in the Christmas spirit sportin' the hat. Frank is also sporting the look. It takes up a god majority of my living room and...uh... that's it! (I was sorta shootin' for labor Urfboundilisious, or detail as opposed to being the most holiday spiritful as there is prolly a fanart that captures that much better, oh well) It hould also resize in the entry process which will make it look better due to the fact that I suck at resizing stuff :(
1/10/07 0.00


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