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An Earthbound-Shaped Cake - by Blades0fEB

An Earthbound-Shaped Cake

A cake fashioned to look like a Haunted Threed. The cake was eaten, it was both delicious and moist because this cake is NOT a lie. (It's also wifi compatible)

Other Submissions by Blades0fEB

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Blades0fEB Ness
Megacon '07. My friends dragged me to my first con. A good time was had by all. OF COURSE, I HAD to rock the Ness!
2/19/07 9.00
Blades0fEB Ness is Back!
I made this using the facebook graffiti application in celebration of Ness's return to Brawl. It took about an hour and a half to make.
1/29/08 0.00
Blades0fEB Poo Using Mirror on Giygas
You cannot grasp the true form of Poo's attack! This is a fan art that I made depicting Poo using his mirror attack on Giygas. I wish that this actually worked in the game because it could be used as an alternative ending. Poo would tear him up!
12/18/06 8.00
Blades0fEB RC Cola
1/26/12 0.00
Blades0fEB Suck it Matt Lauer
*self explanatory
3/11/12 0.00


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